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Barry Shiraishi, Love story: HOMME (Les beaux arts)


Barry Shiraishi, Love story: HOMME (Les beaux arts)

Bijzondere en exclusieve parfum met prachtig ontworpen fles en verpakking uit de serie 'LES BEAUX ARTS": design editie met als naam: "HOMME" (Love Story). Het beeldje op de fles is ontworpen door kunstenaar Barry Shiraishi. Deze heeft ook het andere parfum beeldje 'FEMME' van de design editie ontworpen. Deze exclusieve en inmiddels zeldzame parfum is gelimiteerd uitgegeven in een oplage van 7500 stuks. Het beeldje is genummerd en gesigneerd. De parfumfles heeft een inhoud van 100 ml. De nooit ontsloten fles bevindt zich in de originele doos met het bijbehorende originele boekje.

You are looking at an extremely rare, Les Beaux Arts "Love Story Homme" perfume bottle, design edition by Barry Shiraishi. Limited edition to 7500 pieces worldwide. This is a numbered and signed piece.

Barry Shiraishi, born 1938 in London, vice president of the Royal Miniature Society, is famous for his sculptures and paintings. The art of the miniature originates from the Middle Ages and was rediscovered by the Royal Miniature Society at the end of the 19th century. Particularly supported by the English royal family. His works can be found in numerous exhibitions and museums. The loving miniatures depict the diversity of the female form in a world of peace and contentedness. Collected with a passion and particularly sought after in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Love, a word so soft and hard, full of respect, yearning, tenderness and passion. Barry Shiraishi created his new masterpiece "Love Story" for art and perfume edition Les Beaux Art. The young couple, in a modern interpretation, of impressive beauty, have found a way for a future together. A continuation of the classic love story. Love spoils all the senses and strokes the silky soft skin with its delicate scent.
"Love Story" a sculpted couple, who are not to be parted. Cast by hand, wonderfully painted, engraved, autographed and numbered. The young girl closes a sensual, modern, warm, fruity fresh composition. A precious eau de parfum which retains the romantic sensibility for the moment. The Male partner embraces a light eau de toilette. A scent full of freshness and strength as after refreshing summer rain. Herby-woody elements with green emphases disclose the true soul of the man.

Since 1992, the art and perfume edition Les Beaux Arts has been presenting masterpieces of the most highly acclaimed artists of the past 200 years. These unique, distinctive sculptures, which serve as stoppers for the 100 ml perfume bottles are strictly limited, documented by a certificate. Cast by hand in Germany, delicately engraved, patented or laid with gold leaf.
Les Beaux Arts bottles are not in production today. This German company had financial difficulties soon after production of their bottles, almost 20 years ago, and went out of business. Most of these limited edition bottles never reached the maximum number of examples listed as produced. A truly rare example of a beautiful collectible perfume bottle. This bottles stands 6 & 1/2 inches high, about 3 & 1/2 inches wide at its widest point. Weights over 1 pound.

€ 150.00